Freitag, 13. Juni 2008

"No" means "Go"

Based on the example from Ireland....

Dear people from Ireland,

every year you receive more than 1 billion EUR from the European Union.

Since you joined in 1973 you received 55 billion EUR from the EU.

Like not many other countries Irland did profit from the freedom to deliver goods and services freely within the EU.
Thanks to these subsidies your country turned from a economically backward island into an economic centre of Europe. Your economy grew constantly much stronger than in most other countries in the EU.

I make the assumption that the European Union paid for the relocation of companies to Ireland. Companies that were attracted by your low taxes and that were not coming only from off-shore, but from other countries in the european union as well. I bet that thousands of people in the rest of europe lost their jobs, thanks to to your low taxes and to the subsidies paid by the EU for the relocation. But hard as it sounds. This was truly european!

Longtime your unemployment rate was around 4-5%. A rate we as the highest net payer can only dream about. I promise the millions of our unemployed would have enjoyed some extra billions, which we instead payed to the EU. We pay also to you!

All this was financed with EU money. Financed by Germany, the Netherlands, Britain and others. In short. Also with my money.

To all the "No" sayers.

Randomly pick 27 people from the street and choose an arbitrary subject. Now discuss as long as you come up with a unisonous decision. I promise before this happens you prefer to jump from a brigde.

But that is what you voted for.

To all the "No" sayers

Didn't you notice that the EU is its currenct state is prone to blackmail. The polish Katschinski idiots have demonstrated in outstanding manner how easy this can be done. 26 countries grabbed by their nose and enacted like clowns. And always keep smiling!

But this is what you voted for.

To all the the "No" sayers

The Lisbo Agreement was not about abortion, was not about your taxes, was not about pacifism. I make any bet that more than 80% of you who said "No", have absolutely no clue what is part of that agreement.

But this is what you voted for!

To all the the "No" sayers

The Lisbo agreement was about the future of the EU. It was to ensure how a EU with 27 countries can still be able to act. It was to ensure that not every Katschinski of this world can blackmail the vast majority with ridiculous demands.

But this is what you voted against!

Dear people from Ireland.

Apart from saying "No", and taking our money, what is your contribution to the EU?

But if you can say only "No", please be so consequent to say really "No".

"No", means "Go"

Sadly the whole issue again demonstrates how we are governed by the boulevard press.

After the second failed attempt, I like and support the idea to start a kind of core EU, the EU 2 paces, the EU of the willing.

Who said that accepting their vote means we have to wait for them or to make them a better offer???

Lets be good democrats, accept their vote and simply leave those behind who say "No".

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